Neoreaction is a political worldview and intellectual movement based largely on the ideas of Mencius Moldbug. Neoreactionary thought can be roughly broken into three major areas:


Modern history is an epic tale of social decay under chronically bad government, masked by increasing technological wealth. The dominant liberal-progressive ideology is badly out of touch with reality, and actively destructive to civilization.

Our society's elite factions are coordinated enough to distort public knowledge of society to neutralize threats to their power, but not enough to rule efficiently and responsibly. Traditional and organic modes of sociopolitical organization could remedy our problems, but we are held back by this weaponized self-conception and lack of competent authority.

Restoration Program

The core of our problem is that there is no one with the secure authority to fix things. The core of our solution is to find a man, and put him in charge, with a real chain of command, and a clear ownership structure.

Real leadership would undertake a proper corporate restructuring of USG: Pardon and retire all employees of the old regime; formalize obligations as simple financial instruments; nationalize and restructure the banks, media, and universities; and begin the long slow process of organic cultural recovery from centuries of dysfunction.

Passivist Strategy

American globalist liberalism is an unsustainable mess. Everyone knows it, but no one will admit it until someone builds a concrete superior alternative.

Anything but patient work on a worthy new system is a harmful distraction. Rebellion, violence, and activism just create more chaos, and don't get us any closer to restoration.

The only viable path to restoration of competent government is the simple and hard way:

  1. Become worthy.
  2. Accept power.
  3. Rule.


Understanding Neoreaction requires substantial background reading, and has produced some indispensible work of its own. It cannot be understood without familiarity with these works:

Books and Essays

Background works that have strongly informed our view of the world:

The Latter Day Pamphlets, by Thomas Carlyle.

The Bow of Ulysses, by James Anthony Froude.

Popular Government, by Henry Sumner Maine.

On Power, by Bertrand de Jouvenel.

Liberty or Equality, by Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn.

Democracy, the God that Failed, by Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

The Use of Knowledge in Society, by Friedrich Hayek.

The Integration of Theory and Practice, by Eric Heubeck.

Neoreactionary Work

Unqualified Reservations, by Mencius Moldbug.

Radish Magazine, by Karl F Boetel.

Best of Neoreaction, by the Neoreactionary Community.

Liberty Files, by James Donald.


Any serious endeavor needs many men working together. We cannot rebuild our civilization by transacting as sovereign individuals. Neoreaction has a thriving community of men building and applying our philosophy:

Stay in the Loop

Start with our official neoreactionary sites, they will take you to the rest:

Social Matter. The flagship Neoreactionary web magazine.

Social Matter Forum. The official Neoreactionary forum. Join and participate.

Neoreaction Subreddit. Our space on reddit.

Post-Anathema. Our aesthetics blog, developing visual explorations of our worldview.

The Future Primaeval. A slower group blog carefully developing social theory and lifestyle philosophy from a skeptical perspective.


Want to help? Here's what you should be doing:

Read Old Books. Study history and political wisdom from other centuries and civilizations. Think outside the Western 20th century box.

Become Worthy. Lift weights, go to church, raise a family, do good work, pursue virtue, build community, and become more effective.

Research. Fill in the gaps in our ideas. Fix the dumb parts. Send us your writing.

Volunteer. Do something useful. Let us know so we can coordinate.

Network. Find more talented and virtuous men than yourself and make yourself useful to them.


Outside In/Xenosystems. Nick Land's blog exploring nearby ideas from an occult, cybernetic, and accelerationist perspective. Great link roundups and comment section.

Sydney Traditionalists Forum. Our friends down under, who run an independent paleoconservative community in Australia.

Local Chapters

Start a book club with other good men in your area or join one of ours:

Vancouver: Van NRx.

New York City: NYC NRx.

San Francisco: Bay Area Carlyle Club.

DC Area, New England, Colorado, Texas, elsewhere: Coming soon.



Mencius Moldbug publishes a "Formalist Manifesto", kicking off his blog, "Unqualified Reservations". The blog is about rethinking political theory from scratch to escape the blind spots of the dominant "progressive" worldview, by reading old books written before the current worldview became dominant.

See "Open Letter to Open Minded Progressives".


Moldbug further refines his worldview, discovering the work of Thomas Carlyle, and becoming more monarchist.

See "Gentle Introduction to Unqualified Reservations".


Moldbug weighs in on the "Brown Scare" in technology, but stops blogging regularly as his technology projects start to take up more time.

Meanwhile, a circle of "Neoreactionary" blogs has sprung up around Moldbug's ideas, expanding on them and exploring variations.

See Nick Land's "Dark Enlightenment" series, which catalyzes the self-awareness of the Neoreactionary movement, and Scott Alexander's "Reactionary Philosophy in a ... Nutshell", a sincere outsider attempt to understand Neoreaction.


After two years of growth and maturation of the public Neoreactionary blogosphere, the core active Neoreactionaries consolidate internal discussion and organization under the Hestia Society.


We are quietly studying history and the nature of civilization, and formulating our alternative worldview.


The Hestia Society is the steward and arbiter of Neoreaction. When you are familiar with our ideas, shoot us an email at We are glad to answer informed inquiries.